I help to clear and transmute the blockages within

your energy that are limiting you from

being your best self and living your best life!



I offer the following Services : 

R.A.A.H Reki

Energy Field Healing,


A.U.R.A Past Life Regression  

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme


Some blockages within you may not be ready to clear, they usually need more time to adjust, so that you will be in a better position to maintain the neccasary changes to your life.  


Healing is a journey and the process must be honoured. When you follow you internal guidance you will always find, or be led to, the type of healing you need. Whether that's through life experience/circumstances, pro-active self-learning, or/and through a practioner.    


Thank you for dropping by my website, if you feel a connection with me, please get in touch, I would be honoured to help you.







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