Welcome to Emanate Healing. I work within the Energy Field to cleanse and transform blockages to activate or return it to  its natural balance and flow. When your energy is flowing at its optimum you will be at your best physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in essence you will be stronger, more whole and congruent with healthier relationships - which will help you to attract and manifest greater potential for your life.


What is an Energy Field?


In simple terms, it is the electromagnetic field that surrounds any living organism – humans, animals, plants, planets, it is also commonly reffered to as the aura. An energy field can often be seen by some people as different colours (spectrums of light) emanating from around and within a person/living organism, the colours look very similar to that of a rainbow.


Everything is essentially energy and is made up of light and sound and connects to a single source of energy. Each individual being and living organism has its own energy field and within that field contains all the “data” of its existence. This energy form has a structure and an energy field healer is trained to know and understand how to work within that structure of the energy field, for the purposes of bringing about healing and positive transformation. These benefits can be experienced on all levels  : spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.