About Emma...

I have always had an interest in healing, purpose, spirituality and believed in the power of prayer. A close friend of mine was studying to be an Energy Field Healer. I wanted to encourage her in her training, so I agreed to let her practise on me, with the precept that I had nothing to loose, only gain (possibly) and that my faith in "God" would prevent anything negative happening to me.


At the time nothing majorly profound happened to me, other than I slept a LOT for the next few days! Throughout that month I undeniably became more conscious of my wants and needs. Over the next few months I  became more self-aware and made adjustments to my hectic lifestyle as an Artist. I was working as an Actress, selling my Art Work and working as a Massage Practioner. I was unaware of the extent at which I was drained by my workload, my social life and the unusual levels at which I absorbed and sensed people and places. Massage work seemed to be cultivating my intution and natural ability to connect  with people. I could sense the underlying emotions of clients/strangers and was actually able to feel their ailments on my body, sometimes before I even began their treatment. I needed to know why this was happening to me so I atteneded a course to learn about the Energy Protection with  Sue Zange.


I was amazed by Sue’s knowledge and depth of insight at reading my energy field. Her teachings were logical and made sense scientifically, spiritually and practically. She taught easy techniques to cleanse and protect the energy field and they worked instantly. Whilst on the 2-day course I discovered I had a fair bit of work to do on myself in terms of self-healing! Although I was happy enough (ever the optimist!), I had not fully acknowledged and overcome some of the pain and negative patternings from a very challenging upbringing. Ultimately I became aware of some of my fears and hurts and knew the only way forward was to take more command of my life and deal with it all!


So with a thirst for more energy awareness, knowledge and self-healing I undertook training with Sue Zange at Inspirit and in 2010 qualified as an Advanced Energy Field Healer,


The energy knowledge I have learned has most certainly enhanced and developed my faith, I now understand more about how consciousness works and how there is so much more I can do in terms of managing my energy - in addition to my faith and prayers.  I have become more aware, self-empowered and embrace both life and death, the highs and the lows of life with a greater peace, knowledge and understanding. My energy skills undoubtedly helped me through some of the most difficult years of my life recently, especially through losing my sister to cancer. It has also given me the privilege of meeting some wonderful people and carrying out some life changing healings. I am now a certified teacher of The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme and am passionate about being able to share these techniques and knowledge to assist people in leading a more free, self-empowered, congruent and conscious life.