About Emma

I grew up I bradford and had a very challenging and unusual upbringing, due to the sudden death of my mum. I think this shaped my awareness of the unseen, spiritual side of life as I was aware from a young age of the unseen realms and the serious, more negative aspects of life  


Growing up I found great comfort in my concept/relationship with God, Angels and wonderful church communities.


Through travel, creative work and meeting so many differnt types of people, my thinking and spirituality has evolved in a way that brings me so much more peace and love than in my foramative years.


I have worked in an array of environments from TV & Film, Property & Marketing, Teaching Drama, Science Presenting and Chair Massage for Festivals Corporate Events.


It was mainly through Chair Massage work that my quest for energy awareness grew. I wanted to understand why I was so drained and how I could protect my energy more effectively. I experienced the benefits of an Energy Field Healing, learnt how to protect my energy and then trained as an Energy Healer so I could use the techniques for my own self healing. I have a very strong ethos about self empowerment.


Through my own self healing and development it was a natural progression to extend my gifts and experience to others. Subsequently, I have trained in other modalities and offer a variety of healings, as shown on this website.


I currently live in London and offer the majority of my services on line. I frequently travel to Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester so can also offer clinic dates in these cities also; please contact me for availabilty.  ;


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