This is a very deep healing which will catalyse profound shifts in your life emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.


An A.U.R.A consists of:  Consultation, R.A.A.H, Hypnosis Regression, and Energy Healing body scan. In total it will take 4/5hours and is carried on zoom or in person.


Hypnosis Regression is a powerful way to connect with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows everything about your entire existence and is able to heal itself. It is your subconcious, ego mind that often interferes with your self healing. As an A.U.R.A Practioner I will assist you in quietening your ego mind and clearing your energy so that the wisdom of your higher self can be heard and speak with clarity.


Your higher self will guide the session by recalling relevant memories, revealing insight and answers to your questions and identifying the cause and blockages within your system.


An A.U.R.A requires your active participation, because it is you answering questions to the practioner, not the other way round. Everything you need in life is already within you. As your practioner I follow the guidance of your higher self, because it hold all the information of who you are.  


Together with your higher self and the Arch Angels I will help to clear and transmute negative enegies within you. You will sense in your own way (i.e. see, hear, know,feel, smell) the blockages within you and how they came about. You will be more self aware and feel the diffrence. This personal experience outweighs anything that a practioner can do for you, or say, because it is your own self-realisation... it is the remberence, or awakening of who you truly are and all that that encompasses.  


A R.A.A.H is carried out before the regression to ensure that you are the clearest channel you can be on the day. It sets you up to enter the theta brain state required for your regression. It also keeps the room energetically clear, proteted and of a high vibration. This ensures there can be no infringement upon your energy, or the space we are working in, it also aids a deeper connection to your higher self.


An A.U.R.A is an ideal healing therapy for : clearing trauma, contracts and blockages from current or past life, reclaiming fragmented soul aspects, removal of negative energies, entities, technologies, clearing the entire chakras and energy system, age regression, DNA repair and reproramming.


After the session it is vital to rest for 24hours, the healing process will continue for 13 days. During this period you are strongly advised to drink lots of water and avoid meat, chocolate sugars, desserts and alchohol.





Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy