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Distant Healing for your Loved ones


Once you experience the amazing results from EFH it is natural that you may want to gift your your loved ones with a distant healing. I am more than happy to carry out distant healings for your loved ones. If they are open to receiving healing  please be aware that I will not disclose any further information about their healing to you, out of respect for their privacy. Ocassionally the EFH may need to be be completed over a specific time frame, if so I will update you and confirm once it is completed.


Sometimes people are not open to healing and do not want to recieve it. In such cases I will not receive permission on a higher conscious level and will not do a healing for them. If this be the case, I will of course return your payment in full.                                                  




All I will need is their DOB, location details and a photograph if I've not met them.



* If you are receiving medical treatment please inform me so that I know how best to support and work within your energy. Energy Field healing is NOT an alternative to medical treatment it is a complimentary therapy, except in the case of epilepsy, pacemakers or pregnancy.


*I do NOT carry out healings for those with epilepsy, pacemakers or pregnancy, due to the incompatibility of the heightened energies during an Energy Field Healing.


* I recommend that the person does not have any other form of alternative therapies during the 14 day processing period.