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A distant healing session is ideal for situations where you, or your perhaps your loved ones cannot attend clinic and be present for the EFH. I simply carry out an EFH on an energetic level by connecting to your higher consciousness, using my energy skills.  The healing will take approximately 50mins and the processing will take approximately 14 days.




All I will need is your DOB, location details, a photograph if we have not previously met.



Distant Healing for you


I will cleanse, heal and transform any dense energies and bring higher, lighter energy to your field, the effect will be the same as in a usual Energy Field Healing. Afterwards I can speak with you about your session or email you a report – whichever you prefer. I advise that you set aside 24hours when you are able to relax somewhat, avoid any intense situations and that you drink plenty of water. Occasionally a distant healing may need to be carried out over a specific time frame, ie, 1,3,7 days if so I will update you and let you know and confirm once it has been completed.


* If you are receiving medical treatment please inform me so that I know how best to support and work within your energy. Energy Field healing is NOT an alternative to medical treatment it is a complimentary therapy, except in the case of epilepsy, pacemakers or pregnancy.


*I do NOT carry out healings for those with epilepsy, pacemakers or pregnancy, due to the incompatibility of the heightened energies during an Energy Field Healing.


*I also strongly recommend that you do not have any other form of alternative therapies during the 14 day processing period.