EFH in Person

An Energy Field healing takes place on a comfortable massage table for approx 1hr. You remain fully clothed throughout, with the option of a blanket to cover your body. The healing requires no physical touch or verbal communication, unless of course you like to talk throughout.


I will simply use my hands to scan throughout your field (approx. 20cm from your body) and apply advanced healing techniques where needed.


Each person will have a healing experience that is unique to them. It is common to fall asleep, you may experience heat, tingling, coldness, goosebumps, surges of emotions, vivid thoughts or sensations throughout your body as non-serving patterns and energies are released from your field. Some people may not sense anything, everybody is different.


A healing session takes 28 days to process, after this time you are more likely to be aware of the progress and benefits made from your session.  The first 24hours to 7 days will be the most sensitive, you may be extra emotional, thoughtful, tired or perhaps full of vibrancy. The healing will settle more for the remaining 21days; during this period you may still be unusually peaceful, extra sensitive, or have heightened awareness and insight into different aspects of your life and your relationships/interactions with others.



For optimum benefit of your healing session I would strongly advise you can relax for 24hours or at least avoid any distressing scenarios or intense environments. It is ideal if you take it as an opportunity for some 'you time,' to relax.  I would also recommend you drink plenty of water after your session to aid the speed of your cleansing and cell renewal. Also I advise agaisnt recieving any other alternative therapy treatments during your 28 day processing time.


*Please note those in wheelchairs can have their healing performed as seated.


* If you are receiving medical treatment please inform me so that I know how best to support and work within your energy. Energy Field healing is NOT an alternative to medical treatment it is a complimentary therapy, except in the case of epilepsy, pacemakers or pregnancy.


*I do NOT carry out healings for those with epilepsy, pacemakers or pregnancy, due to the incompatibility of the heightened energies within the Energy Field.