Home & Land Healing



It is comon practice, (or at least common desire!) to clean and tidy your home; are you aware that this can also be done energetically? There are basic techniques you can apply to energetically cleanse your house, so that the atmosphere is more peaceful, balanced and homely. Some of these techniques are included on the Energy Protection CD, which I would highly recommend to anybody wanting to do this for themselves; or you could have a home healing.


As an Advanced Energy Field Healer I can help to heal, release and transform dense energies to help restore the natural flow in the space of your home/land. If the land is blocked it would follow that any building on that space of land would also be blocked and of the same vibration. As such you would not feel comfortable in your home. The atmosphere of your home would not be pleaseant to you, this could be due to geopathic stress lines or ley lines running through your house; or/aswell as a build up of dense energy or trauma in your home.


Common signs of significantly imbalanced energies in the home are : cold/uncomfortable areas withn the home, sleep disturbance, inability to rest/restore, unsettled pets/babies, spirit prescence, specific areas that constanlty have a build up of clutter; or for example: re-occuring instances of breakages, damaged electricity, regular flooding. If a traumatic incident has occured in the space, an energy imprint will remain and may present as :  negative and disturbing thought patterns, behaviour, or emotions whilst in that specifc space. Obviously any of the examples listed can be common in any home - it is part of life; but if these things are heightened and causing you distress then it is likely that a home healing is what is needed.


Home healings are also ideal for new homes - if you are moving into a new house/flat and want the energiy of the space cleansed and transformed from the previous occupants energies.


Healings are fabulous for the workplace where dense and stagnant energies are rife! The energies can be  transformed so that the space is clear, balanced and fresh, which is great for you, employees, clients and potenital buisness.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements further.