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                                  I hope to run the SEAP course as soon as the Covid-19 Pandemic is over.


This is a brilliant opportunity to learn in more detail about the energy field and understand the basic principles of energy in relation to your life.


The training course has been created by Sue Zange (www.suezange.com) the pioneer and developer of advanced understanding of subtle energies, in order to help you understand the layers of subtle energies that surround you (your energy field/aura) and how these energies influence your daily life and well-being : physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.


This Programme will teach you about the amazing nature of invisible subtle energies. You will be taught tried and tested unique energy techniques and exercises that you can incorporate into your life for deeper self- awareness, healing, knowledge and understanding.


This is a course for self-empowerment, which equips you with a tool box of techniques so that you can manage and maintain your energy in a more balanced and beneficial way, creating space for new potentials in your life.  You will learn how to apply basic healing techniques, to improve your intuition as well as discover more of what you can do for yourself and for others.


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