Module 1- The Nature of the Energy Field & Understanding Energy Transactions

How to understand and be intuitively aware of your own energy and how to manage that with

simple life management tools. In this Module, you will learn:


•Insight into the structure, flow and layers of the energy field

•Awareness of the process of inflow and outflow of energy

•Relevance of 'grounding' and knowledge of the central channel of energy

•The importance of understanding how energetic transactions affect well-being

•Insight into energy 'density' and how ill-health and imbalance occur


Module 2 - Managing your own Energy

With knowledge of your field of energy, you are now in a better position to manage its flow, balance and transformation. On this module you will learn how to clear your own energy; create a higher energy state; how to be aware of stress, chaos and conflict; and how to enhance your core stability through stillness and presence. In this Module, you will learn:


•An introduction to the 'states' we are in when energy is imbalanced

•Skills to clear your own field of 'energy debris'

•Techniques for stillness and becoming centred

•An outline of the core centre of energy and its purpose

•Easy to apply techniques to bring fresh energy into your field


Module 3 - People, Relationships & their Impact

This Module will reveal our interconnectedness with each other, and how we energetically affect each other. This is the Module that raises your ability to take responsibility for your own life, your contribution to others, and just as importantly.... the effect others have on your life. In this Module, you will learn:


•The truth about 'emotional baggage' and how we offload it, or absorb it.

•How the emotional 'debris' of others connects to our own issues

•How others influence us mentally, with their will and intentions

•How we connect to each other through energy 'cordings'

•Dealing with troubled relationships

•The complex nature of family dynamics, marriage and divorce.


Module 4 - The Feelings of Life

Everyone benefits from being in command of their own emotional state. This Module gives inside understanding of the flows of emotions and feelings throughout the energy system and the nature of their impact. This is the point at which you will become aware of your own issues and wounds, and start to gain insight to the process of change and transformation needed in your life. In this Module, you will learn:


•How feelings reside in energy form in the field

•How emotions reside within the body

•How we store our emotional wounds and pains

•Practical exercises to gain insight into our wounds

•How to cultivate higher energies to bring love and higher choices into daily life


Module 5 - The Mind of Intention

Knowing your own mind, having command of your own thoughts, and being aware of influence and lessening are all the key ingredients to greater empowerment and creativity in life. In this Module, you will learn the fundamental elements of intelligent awareness, how to focus, develop intention with clarity, and engage your higher mental capacity. In this Module, you will learn:


•The different nature of mental energies compared to emotional energies

•What is required for clarity, focus, processing and intelligent living

•How mental energies and patterns reside in the field

•Insight into belief systems and conditioning

•Understanding mental congestion, stress and distress


Module 6 - Commanding Life through Self Awareness

The culmination of the course will move you into a wholeness of understanding, as a result of the knowledge you have learned. You will be empowered with a new point of command and intuitive direction. In this Module, you will learn:


•Reaffirmation of the skills needed to live in higher light

•How to maintain a clear and light energy field

•How to live 'in love' with an open heart

•Developing insight of the heart's desires

•How to attract higher serving potentials and opportunities


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