Energy field healing is something that I have only discovered over the past year or so and I will be forever grateful of the introduction.

I have seen Emma on several occasions and I have never been disappointed with the results. As soon as you meet her, you will sense immediately that you are in for a calm, comfortable experience and that is how it has been each time.

The healing I have had from Emma has really changed my perspective on a lot of things that weren't going so smoothly previously. And I have felt a change both mentally and physically.

As long as the healing is available, I will always be very happy to return.

Dane, London


Emma's healing's have definitely helped me see certain things in my life in a new light, I feel much more calmer within myself and a lot more balanced.

Mentally Emma's healing's have given me strength in certain areas which have helped me a lot!

Emma made me feel so at ease and welcome she has such a kind spirit!

I am glad that I am now aware of certain energies, I definitely have gained some knowledge and do so each time!

Jessica, Manchester


I have had a few Energy Field Healings with Emma and am amazed at what she does and the feelings of energy flowing I have experienced during her healings! I feel her healings have helped me gain fresh perspective into my own life and undoubtly have a new sense of freedom and courage. It's a positive thing to be aware of your energy and how to balance it, I definitely feel like I've had my energy cleansed after a healing with Emma and have become a calmer person  - Thank you Emma!

Simone, London


I booked Emma to do a healing at my company. The building is a old and I felt old energies were lingering around and my buisness was not picking up quick enough. After the healing she did in my building  I noticed a BIG change in the atmosphere. I felt more peace there and more motivated and had happier clients, with less complaints. Buisness has improved and I have bought new equipment and also gained new clients.

Rubbish stopped collecting around my entrance/premises and regular refuse collections are now suddenly being made, without me having to contact the council each week!

Emma is an amazing person and a blessing. I would advise anyone who is thinking about having a building/home healing to get one done! It will be well worth it. I shall definitly be using Emma's services again in the future.

Natalie, Birmingham